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Project Name: Auto Social Media Publisher

Aim: Automate the task of publishing & sharing the Important news from RGPV & our website on our social media profiles.

Language: PHP, Python, JS, Curl
Database: Mysql
Server: Apache, NodeJs
Others: PhantomJs

Status: [Live]
Source Code:
Project / YouTube link: [None]

Don't use Social Media to impress people; use it to Impact people - Davewillis

Description: Social media presence is essential nowadays, but we can't be available 24*7 for sharing the updates from RGPV & our website. That's why we decide to automate the process.

Problem: We want our users to receive the update in almost real-time, but it is not possible to achieve if we share the posts manually.

Solution : By using social media managers like Zoho, we can create a script that will automatically log in to our social media manager account, type the news there & share it on our social media platforms. Since they don't have any public API's we have to use tools which will allow us to perform this process of login & sharing programmatically.

Todo list:

  • Make Preview generator work
  • Add support for other platform
  • Increase its efficiency & speed