GyanChand, Corona ka gyani

GyanChand, Corona ka gyani e-yantra hackathon 2020 covid19 AI chatbot - Aaditya Jain Blog - Aditya Jain - AadityaJain-Dev

Project Name: GyanChand, Corona ka gyani

Aim: To find innovative solutions for addressing the challenges of COVID-19 and its spread. (E-Yantra 2020 Hackathon)

Language: Javascript, PHP
Database: Firebase Realtime database
Server: NodeJs & Apache
Others: Simple HTML DOM Parser, Express, Firebase Cloud Functions.

Status: [Live]
Source Code:
Project / YouTube link:

The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings


Problem: We all are fighting a war. A war with this unseen enemy but the war with this epidemic is not the only one we have to fight, This epidemic has disrupted all the sectors including Aviation, Railways, Automobiles, IT, Food processing, etc. All this disruption in the supply chain is making people panic & they can easily be targeted & manipulated by rumors and false information which can make the situation even worse.

The government is trying their best in managing the situation but they seem to have continuously felling short in the sector of controlling the circulation of the false information. Even their latest attempt of launching a WhatsApp chatbot is just a dumb bot with pre-defined if else loop. Their bot has very limited functionality & can only provide static responses, it's very disappointing to see because it was created by a reputed company & was used by more than 1.7 Crore Users in 10 Days of Launch.

GyanChand, Corona ka gyani e-yantra hackathon 2020 covi19 AI chatbot screenshot demo - Aaditya Jain Blog - Aditya Jain - AadityaJain-Dev

Solution i suggest: The solution I am suggesting is much more robust & artificially intelligent. My chatbot (Gyan Chand) is capable of understanding multiple languages, call APIs, fetch data from the database & have a natural conversation. It means that for asking anything you don't have to send a predefined command, a user can ask a question like they usually ask another human & the bot will be able to understand the sent message & process it accordingly.

This ability allow the bot to do actions which are not possible with current solution implemented by govt like:

  1. Ability to integrate with all the social platforms used by the public, including integration with the telephonic line so it can be used without the internet or by people who have old non-smart phones.
  2. Ability to send updates via push notification (web app & mobile app).
  3. Our database is updated automatically, you can view it here.
  4. Ability to provide the latest stats of any Indian state or district.
  5. Ability to provide stats of any country in the world.
  6. Ability to provide Latest Updated news about the corona.
  7. Answer all the frequently asked questions.
  8. Provide them helpline numbers.
  9. Scheduling a delivery or health checkup etc.
  10. Since the request can be sent to our server or our API we can process the data & add further functionality.

How we get stats & information:

The database is automatically updated with the latest stats & other information. The script we provided /dont-upload-on-firebase/Data Retrieving Scripts can automatically fetch the latest data & update our database, we just had to set a cron job. All the required information is available in the folder for easy understanding.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

After integrating all the backend parts can be handled by any server which we are comfortable with. We can either self-host it or we can use any of the cloud solutions for processing the request.

Todo list:

  • Add support for more languages.
  • In device push notifications update.
  • Providing more information.

Created for E-Yantra Hackathon
Team Id: 1716


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