RGPV Alerts Retriever Ver 1.0

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Project Name: RGPV Alerts Retriever Ver 1.0

Aim: To make this tedious process of checking the updates by RGPV easy.

Language: PHP
Database: Mysql
Server: Apache
Others: Simple HTML DOM Parser

Status: [Live]
Source Code: Click Here
Project / YouTube link: [none]

All of the biggest technological inventions created by man - the airplane, the automobile, the computer - says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness. - Mark Kennedy


Problem: In 2015 RGPV website was very different compared to now, it was not mobile-friendly, there was a lot of broken functionality but we still had to visit it anyway because there wasn't any other way of getting updates like result announcement, syllabus change, enrolment process, document verification, etc. Not just students faculties from the various colleges also had to visit it very frequently for updated information & instructions. I wanted to make this tedious process simple & make that information much more accessible.

Solution: The solution I came up with was to code a PHP script for rendering their latest alerts page every few minutes & sending emails to everyone whenever a new update is found. I could do it easily because there are a lot of websites where I can host my PHP script for free & they also allowed me to use PHP mail function for sending emails & the backend schema was also easy. So I decided to implement it, I wrote a script which scans for the important alerts/news & sends an email whenever a new update is found, anyone can come & subscribe to the email list & they will start receiving updates. let's call it version 1.0.

In this version, I was using the simple HTML dom library to get to the news section, extracting each news using the foreach loop in PHP, removing all the HTML & unwanted characters & sending the email.

Everything was fine until my user base increased when my userbase becomes 1,000+ sending this much email started triggering firewalls of my hosting providers & google also started to mark my emails as spam, everyone started complaining so, I had to change my implementation.

Version 1.1

I had to find a much better way of sending the notifications, it should be scalable, easy to use & guarantee the delivery of the sent notification & you can read about it here.

Another problem I addressed in this new version was of tracking the engagement. I started using regex for extracting the URL for shortening & saving it separately in the database. I also integrated the script with my Auto Social Media Publisher and now I wanted to track the engagement from all these platforms. So, I started using goo.gl for URL shortening and  I switched to bit.ly when goo.gl was shut down, it allowed me to view how many clicks I received on any notification & what was the source of the click.


  • Sometimes RGPV add URL to the news or change the URL after posting the update, but since currently we are only clicking text of the news for uniqueness these updates get ignored

Todo list:

  • Fix all the known issues.