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Project Name: RGPV Notes (dot) in

Aim: To find innovative ways of solving the problems faced by all the students and faculties affiliated with RGPV.

Language: JavaScript, PHP
Database: Cloudflare R2, Mysql
Server: GitHub Actions, Cloudflare Pages, Wordpress, 

Status: [Live]
"Science and technology can solve all the world's problems, and historically it has been shown to make the world better and better." - Zoltan Istvan

Description: Started as a personal blog for hosting and sharing assignments, practical files, and daily class notes, we have embarked on a remarkable journey. When I initially created the blog, I never imagined it would grow to this extent. In the beginning, it was limited to my college (IIST), and I was barely receiving a few hundred visits. During my first year of college, I had a Samsung Galaxy Y, which my brother had given me when he upgraded his phone. Its camera (2MP) was subpar, its internal memory was only 162MB, and it would fill up quickly after installing WhatsApp. During those days, I had to borrow my classmates' phones to take pictures, email those pictures to myself, sort them, and convert them to PDFs when I got back home. My friends (Anoop Mehra, Akash Chaubey, Amit Rawat) played a significant role by entrusting me with their phones to take pictures. Other classmates also pitched in from time to time, but these three were always there to help. Despite the laborious process and hard work, I was only getting a few hundred monthly visits. I became frustrated and decided to shut down the project. I deleted the blog, transferred the admin rights of the Facebook page to my brother, deleted my Facebook account, and moved on.

After a few days, my brother informed me that he had received a message on the Facebook page.

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Subsequently, my other batchmates also started asking the same thing and encouraged me to restart the project. They found my blog extremely helpful and pledged to assist me in any way possible to make my life a little easier. I want to express my gratitude to Piyush and Muskan Yadav (from my college) for their encouragement. If it weren't for your support and that of my classmates, I wouldn't have created RGPV.

I also want to extend my thanks to all the people working behind the scenes, including Abhinav Jain, Anoop Tiwari, Akshansh Dubey, Akash Sharma, Arpit Jain, and Atishay Sarva (from my college), as well as Akshita Jain from IPS. I should also thank Ankit Shrivastav for creating a somewhat similar website and briefly being my competitor before partnering with me to manage the blog. Without his assistance, this journey would have been even longer. I'd also like to express gratitude to all my critics; proving you wrong provided me with the motivation to keep moving forward.

Problem: Apart from the constant changes in our syllabus, the main issue we faced was the overwhelming desire to skip classes, explore nearby locations with friends, and enjoy our college life. So, I set out to find a way to skip classes but still submit assignments and practical files on time in the hopes that our faculty would show some leniency during internals.

Solution: Since taking pictures or storing PDFs on my phone was not a feasible option, I thought, "Why not create a website and host everything there?" I had already worked on a few Blogger-based blogs, so I had some experience in creating and hosting blogs and files for easy download. Thus, in 2015, as a teenager armed with limited resources and knowledge, I started this project.

Our journey has been incredible, and we have assisted numerous students and faculties. One of my favorite moments was when my classmates sent me a picture of one of our faculty members using our website to teach our class and recommending it. Unfortunately, I was skipping that class, but I wish I had attended it.

Fun fact: My attendance was never above 20% in any semester, yet my exam forms were never delayed. Even after numerous arguments with almost all the faculty members in my department and nearly facing expulsion, my sessional marks were decent. In summary, as long as you aim for a decent sessional grade, you can enjoy your college life without worrying too much about faculty threats.

Todo list:
  • Uploading notes for more branches.
  • Uploading notes for other courses.
  • Adding more features.


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